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Gift Of Music Program
Donate your unused musical instruments and we will refurbish them at our cost, and get them into the hands of deserving and/or underprivileged musicians. To nominate an artist, please submit a short essay of 500 words or less describing why they deserve to win one of our Gift of Music Instrument Giveaways. To make a donation or submit a nomination to our Gift Of Music Program,
Please contact

Available Instruments and Gear for Donation
Sure SM57 Microphone
First Act ME301 Electric Guitar
Yamaha M1 Trombone
Jupiter JAS-767 Alto Sax
Crate Cimarron Acoustic Amplifier
Behringer B1 Studio Microphone
Artley Student Flute

If you are or know a professional musician who has lost their instrument to
theft, fire etc. Contact us, we occasionally receive high end professional instruments.

Recently Donated Items

Anton Breton 4/4 Violin - Donated 10/27/23
Rogue A Style Mandolin with Pickup - Donated 03/24/23
Rover Banjo
- Donated 03/24/23
Aida Banjo - Donated 03/24/23
Marshall MG15 Amplifier - Donated 03/24/23
Aria A551B Classical Guitar - Donated 03/24/23
Hohner HW220 Acoustic Guitar - Donated 03/24/23
Ibanez RG100 with Gig Bag - Donated 03/24/23
Korg SP-200 Keyboard - Donated 03/24/23
Breedlove Pursuit Concert EB - Donated 01/15/23
Fender V-1A Acoustic Guitar
- Donated 12/17/22
Hohner HW300G Acoustic Guitar - 05-20-22
Univox Bass Guitar with Bass Amplifier - Donated 04/26/22
Marshall MG10CD Guitar Amplifier -
Donated 11/23/21
Washburn B-102
Banjo with Hardshell Case - Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Suzuki Violin 3/4 size
- Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Leblanc VSP French-Made Wood Clarinet
- Donated 11/22/21
German Soprano Pearwood Recorder by Ambico - Donated 10/24/21
Franz Hoffmann 15.5 Viola - Donated 01/16/22 FAF

Southern Bell Telecaster Style Guitar
- Donated
Dean Electric Bass
- Donated
Pig Nose Legendary 7100 Amplifier - Donated 04/26/22
Powerwerks PW100T Powered Speaker - Donated 04/26/22
Goya G430 12 String acoustic Guitar
- Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Mahalo Ukulele - Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Washburn EA9F - Donated 10/06/22
Kustom PA with Sure PG48 Microphone and Stand - Donated 04/26/22
Taylor GS Mini Left Handed
- Donated
1/8 Size Violin - Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Ibanez G-10 Bass Model GSR-200 Trans Red - Donated 01/16/22 FAF

Mitchell MD100 Acoustic Guitar - Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Cecilio CCO-200 Cello - Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Epiphone PR-200 Acoustic Guitar - Donated 01/16/22 FAF
Epiphone Les Paul Jr. -
Donated 11/23/21

FAF Denotes items donated to the "Future Arts Foundation"
for the victims of the Marshal Fire.

Previous Recipients of Our Gift Of Music Donations


Sebastian Knox
Jake Mueller
Epiphone AJ-1NA

Lyndon Terreault
Ariel Villegas 1976 Alvarez Yairii DY57
Eric Handmacher

Lia Alito
Nathaniel Steele


Patrick Valdez

Suzi Ghezzi from the 1970's band "ISIS" and her earlier band "Goldie & The Gingerbreads".

Suzi was nominated for this guitar after some difficulty dealing with medical issues. She needed an acoustic to play
while she was getting ready to move back east to play music once again with some of her past band members from ISIS.
She still has her original Gibson she played with the band.

The Winner of this Strunal Classical Guitar was "Imagine's Smart Home" of Longmont!

They sent us this wonderful video to show their appreciation.

Special Thanks To Our Generous Donors

Cliff Alsop - Josh Hunter - Gabrielle Kristofich - David Rogalski
Dan Cathy - James Faulk - Darren Campbell - Roberta Tenore
Kim Jackson - Shari Albracht - Susan M. Shirley - Becky Merle
Dave Curtis - Thomas Scott - Mark & Ellen Rossier - Gary Magno
Deb Tueit - William Trevarton - Brian Van Pay - Cindy Ryan
Michelle Choksey - Jon Kapaun - Alfonzo Dworak - Linda Martens
Kori Delnes - Mandie Burns - Christine Kempf - Jay Hodge - Paula Rubin 
Tarjani Mehta - Shelley Kannegieter - Rich Klug - Mike Culligan - Don Gardner
Michael Mayfield - Dee Ramos - Danice Crawford - Erica & Steve Frank 
Phil VanScotter - Mackenzie Hernandez - Harry Eichman - Dwayne Wolff
Vinh Hoang - Pearl & Calvin Calihan - Paul The Blind Canadian
Adin Rego - Chris Goodwin - Dido Clark - Ronny Gresham - Grayson Towler
Linda Tipton - Heather Stenner in Memory of Bob & Char - Steve Wilkinson
Corey Sherman - Don Paden in Memory of Sam Podany - Joel Plimmer - Hanna
Mark Venske - Chris Davis - Laurie Haring - Larry Flint - Rachel Chai - Julia Pirnach

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