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Built in Fullerton California

Leo Fender† passed away on a rainy day in March of 1991, an event which shook the Music World: The father of modern music was gone. It was on that very day that Leo had completed his last prototype instrument, after which he declared to his wife Phyllis that he had given all he can to the musicians of the world. Before his passing, he wanted to be sure that the legacy of G&L would continue to shine even brighter in the future. Continue reading here.
You can also check out This G&L Factory photo page.

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G&L Legacy USA Surf Green W/Rosewood Fretboard

$1,299.99 $1,795.00

  • Mon - Thurs: 10am- 8pm
  • Friday: 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 5pm
  • Sunday: Noon to 4pm