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With roots going back before the Civil War, Washburn began as a partnership between George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Healy. Formed in Chicago, Illinois, Washburn has been building stringed instruments since 1883. An American institution, Washburn has built guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, and more throughout the years. Many of the biggest names in folk, rock, and blues have played Washburn and some of the most significant trendsetting music has been played on a Washburn. From early blues, to the inspiration behind the MTV Unplugged revival, to the modern day, Washburn has been a choice amongst the songsmiths of the day. Continue reading here.
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Washburn C5

$129.99 $229.99

Washburn EA10B

$209.99 $372.99

Washburn EA12B

$209.99 $372.99

Washburn EA15ATB

$249.95 $444.99

Washburn HD10SCE

$359.99 $640.99

Washburn WCG20SCE

$549.00 $979.99

Washburn WD7SCEATB

$279.99 $479.99

Washburn WG7S

$199.99 $354.99

Washburn WG7SCE

$259.99 $462.99

Washburn WLD10S

$299.99 $533.99

Washburn WLO12SE

$379.99 $676.99

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