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Wechter Acoustic Bridge Repair

Here is a Wechter Guitar that was previously repaired (In another shop). As you can see in the first picture the repair was done very poorly. After failing to keep the bridge on they tried to use epoxy. A definite no-no for this kind of repair.
You can even see the pools of epoxy that filled the large spaces of missing wood.

So much of the top wood was gone that there was no way to re-glue this bridge.

 So the only way to address this was to inlay another piece of spruce back in where the old spruce was damaged.

After cutting and sizing a new piece of spruce slightly smaller than the outside of the bridge we then trace the cutout and route out the portion on the top for a perfect fit.

Then the new spruce had to be scraped level with the existing top wood. Here it is inlaid and ready to fit the old bridge back on.

The bridge fit and glued like a new bridge.
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