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Gibson SG rear headstock veneer added after a previous repair failed and cracked the neck again.

The picture on the left shows a crack in the neck below the tuners, and another crack below that. The cracks in the middle are do to a piece of wood added in the middle of the neck to add strength to the neck. This didn't work because the wood in the middle of the neck is very thin and offers very little support. The strength is on each side of the neck where there is more wood, and this is were splines should have been added instead of a piece in the middle. Unfortunately the serial numbers were also mostly sanded off when they painted the neck, and a clear finish (window) was added to show what was left of the serial numbers. This made the back look a bit unusual. Since the neck and the S/N had already been compromised and the "Made in USA" was all but gone, we decided to do a rear headstock veneer. This will not break again.

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