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1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr.

Fingerboard before and After Re-Fret This fingerboard was in rough shape. The frets were completely worn down in places so we did a complete re-fret and re-conditioned the fingerboard. You can see a few small fill areas (Second fret and 6th fret) in the fingerboard where it had been dug in a bit. The fret wire used is a standard #148 .085 wide by .041 tall. We opted to fill rather than plane the fingerboard down to preserve the original fingerboard dimensions.

Bridge Post Modification and Junioritis before and after Repairs. The break away between the treble side post and the pick up compartment has been reinforced with a 1/4" maple dowel rod drilled in at a 45 degree angle (See first Photo).

Headstock Rear headstock is factory painted black. The last serial number was damaged but you can still see it is a 2. There is no damage or cracks in the neck. The original plastic buttons were all deteriorated and crumbling into dust so new buttons were added to the original tuning machines. The tuners work great.

Neck and back have a lot of wear but it's honest wear so we will leave this as is.

Quite a bit of wear on the body edges especially the top edge from arm wear.
The original neck set is rock solid.
All original electronics and Pickup. Pots are smooth and quite.
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