SHS Audio OM450 Instrument Microphone

Manufacturer #:OM450

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Everyday Workhorses
The SHS Audio Microphones, OM-500 and OM-450, were developed with a highly specific design in mind. Ask any musician, music store employee or sound contractor who have field tested these Mics and they will tell you; “these mics give you 100% of the performance at 50% of the price. They deliver quality sound night after night and they stand up to the rigors of the road”. Unlike the imitators, these mics can be used right along side the high priced name-brand mic’s and will exhibit the same behavior.
ed, ported and stand mountable, the STE cabinets are ready for almost any job.

Freq. 50 - 16.5k
600 Ohm
Sensitivity -75 +/-3dB
No on/off switch
Includes Lo-Z Cable

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